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Baharat Lamb

This a rich warming slow cooked delight I never tire of.

Add the Baharat mix in a bowel with the softened butter and combine the two together to give a good spiced butter.

Massage the spiced butter all over the lamb shoulder, really work it into the meat (don’t forget the candles and the music!) Double wrap the prepared shoulder in grease proof paper, turning a quarter turn between layers, you need a good airtight seal to ensure rich succulent meat. Now double wrap that parcel in cooking foil again turn the flat parcel a quarter of a turn between layers. Put the parcel in a roasting tray and cook in a low oven (120 -140 C) for 5 hours.

30 minutes before the end of cooking, make up the couscous and the beetroot dip.

Put the couscous in a bowl and stir in the sumac and then the olive oil. Add enough boiling water to just cover the couscous and leave for 15 minutes. Then use a fork to fluff up the now ready couscous.

For the beetroot dip simply add a tsp of beetroot powder to the pot of yogurt and mix thoroughly.

At the end of the cooking time remove from the oven and CAREFULLY! open the parcel with a sharp knife or a pair of kitchen scissors. The steam that escapes will be gloriously aromatic but very hot. Remove the large shoulder bones and gently pull the meat apart onto a serving platter covered in a bed of the couscous to catch all the spicy juices. Serve with beetroot dip and flatbreads.

Ingredients (serves 4 – 8 depending on the size of the joint)

1 – 2 kg shoulder lamb

3 tsp of Suffolk Spice Company Baharat spice mix

75 -100g of softened butter (again, joint size will guide you, but you cannot over do the butter.)

200g couscous

1 tbs extra virgin olive oil

2 tsp of sumac

75g pot natural yogurt

1 tsp of beetroot powder

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