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  • A study in Peruvian spices.

    I was recently asked to put together some spices for 'Peruvian Night' cooking event. One is rich spice blend that can be used to add a deep rich, spicy influence to all number of different Combine the beef well in a bowl with the spice blend and leave to marinate for at least ½ hour. Again stir well for 2 -3 minutes to coat all the ingredients in the spices. The second offering today is Peruvian spiced salt.

  • Toasted spices, Sausage making and Rudyard Kipling.

    So for this batch we used a combination of spices including whole cumin, coriander and fennel seeds, spices too much can sometimes turn them to a claggy paste. Nothing in the kitchen beats the smell of freshly ground toasted spices. Now at this stage you spice and season your meat and if you so desire, add rusk. , especially meat, take your time, allow the natural juices of the meat to absorb the spices.

  • Mulled wine syrup, free food, soup, Gammon and a cure for tummy ache.

    Although from a Spice Company perspective we are fully into the festive season prep, I personally don I grew up collecting blackberries, damsons, plums pears and apples from the countryside around me. apple and damson jam crumble this week served with Chantilly cream and Mulled Wine spiced syrup. Leek and potato, curried parsnip, lentil and in the mode of using up the glut, spiced butternut squash Naturally I spice my stock (Star Anise is an absolute must with all the others) and what I am left with

  • Recipes are being added, slowly!

    As long as I have been in the spice trade I have been promising (threatening?) Of course, I do take requests (normal polite caveats apply, remember I am a big bloke with access to I am very pleased that you are finding the site and ordering spices and I have been encouraged by your

  • Warm and hearty, Portuguese Chicken and Cannellini bean stew

    The Suffolk Spice Company Portuguese mix is a rich blend of sweet noble paprika, cumin, cinnamon, ginger Toss them around until the meat is liberally coated in the spice. No, let the natural juices of the chicken act as the conduit for the spices. 2. Isn’t that a lot of spice? Yes and no. Once your onion base is just right, add the chicken and spices from the bowl.

  • Onion Bhajis - a quick and easy snack

    Chickpea flour) - you can use plain flour if you prefer but Gram is better. 2 eggs 1 tbsp of Suffolk Spice Thinly slice the onions and loosen then up in a large bowl. Sprinkle over the spices and tumble them around well. Add the flour and mix well.

  • Rain, veg boxes, tasting, a job offer in the Bahamas, Beef casserole and upsetting the French.

    Roasted plum slices on a marjoram infused mouse with granola and white poppy seed tuille in the shape lovely neighbour in France as I am taking liberties with a very traditional French dish and adding a spiced Basically spiced beef cooked in red wine with herbs. Also, the decision has been made in the Spice company household to remain here for the Christmas holiday

  • Sri Lankan Chicken Curry

    I had a rummage in the fridge and in the spice box for inspiration for this evening. 4 garlic cloves grated 2 cm fresh ginger grated 1 tbsp dried curry leaves 2 ½ tbsp Suffolk Spice Company Cook for a few minutes until the spices start to darken and you start to smell the spices do their thing Add the chicken and stir it around in the spiced onion mix, get it all covered but be careful not to burn the spices.

  • New Mexico Chicken kebabs.

    The New Mexico spice blend is a pungent combination of smoked paprika, cumin, garlic, mustard and herbs It is not 'hot - spicy' but it does pack a punch in flavour terms. I use yoghurt and the spice mix to form a marinade that I coat the chicken in and leave for at least It can be natural or Greek, it doesn't appear to matter. 1 tablespoon of Suffolk Spice Company New Mexico Method Basically, all you need to do is prep the chicken, cut it to kebab sized chunks, mix the spice

  • Prawn Laksa

    This looks like a lot of ingredients and the quantity of spice used might cause you to question my judgement , but as the spice is about flavour not necessarily heat, trust me, it works. of Suffolk Spice Company Laksa spice – a standard packet you would buy from me at the market really, Add the spice, mix well with the onion for about a minute to make a thick paste and then add the coconut

  • Swede croquettes - work with me here.

    No, I am still going to use spices and chillies, pepper and lemongrass obviously, but I just want to With a knife, gently make a slice in the croquettes so that it looks a bit like a hot dog bun. Serve with yogurt or if you prefer, a spice chutney. Now, bonus time. Add spices, chillies, what ever takes your fancy.

  • Day One.

    these trying times I have been looking to keep calm and carry on, to coin a phrase, and ensure that the spice Over the next couple of days I am going to add in all the store cupboard spices and more photos (no more

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