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Recipes are being added, slowly!

Hi to all, I hope you are all doing okay. We are locked away here in Suffolk trying to keep some sense of normality in very abnormal times. This does give me the opportunity to write and review my recipes. As long as I have been in the spice trade I have been promising (threatening?) to write a recipe book, or at least a blog with some of my favourites on. So now it seems the time has come (the walrus said) to talk of many things. However, before I get too carried away picking out pictures and publicity shots for the fly leaf, I need my recipes to be tried and critiqued. So with that in mind, and now that I am getting to grips with the limitations of this software, I am starting to assemble recipes for you to try should the urge take you. I welcome feed back and I am aware that not all our tastes are the same, so constructive if you can. (If I want "this tastes like socks," well I have my teenage boys to supply that valuable insight.) The recipes are being added slowly so that I can check them as I go, so apologies if there is nothing yet that takes your fancy. Of course, I do take requests (normal polite caveats apply, remember I am a big bloke with access to chillies!) So if you would like me to find something for you and create a bespoke mix to make it happen, then I am more than happy to do my best with what I have available.

I am very pleased that you are finding the site and ordering spices and I have been encouraged by your kind feed back. Stick with me and we will be okay.



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