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Day One.

In these trying times I have been looking to keep calm and carry on, to coin a phrase, and ensure that the spice company does its bit where it can. The launch of the online shop appeared to work and we have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm with which it has been greeted, so thank you for all of your kind comments and support. The orders are coming in and you are obviously keen to try new things in the kitchen while we are all restricted. (now under normal conditions I would probably make some sort of 50 shades of grey joke on the back of that sentence, but this is neither the time or the place!) Over the next couple of days I am going to add in all the store cupboard spices and more photos (no more of Alastair - my eldest - working flat out, I promised him - see BBQ mix.) So bear with me and hopefully we can enjoy this process together.

Thanks once again for your ongoing support and stay safe.


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