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Cheesy leek and kale soup.

Having made some really fragrant chicken stock by including my Suffolk herb mix, I was determined to use it today to make some soup. So it was a swift exploration of the fridge looking for inspiration in these trying times. I am doing the whole keto thing at the moment (yes, great timing I know, but hey!) so what to use? There were various possibilities but standing at the top of things that really need to be used up where a couple of leeks and half a bag of curly kale. Well I am willing to give most things a go, so leeks sweated in butter with the addition of a couple of cloves of plump garlic was a good starting point. Adding the kale and a ladle of stock to help soften it nicely came next. Cover and steam for a couple of minutes. Add more stock and simmer until the kale is tender. Now, out with my magic wand, the stick blender, blitz until relatively smooth. Season to taste. You are never going to get a silky smoothness with this kind of soup unless you sieve it but in doing so, you lose most of the flavour. So what else was in the fridge that could lift this dish? An end of Parmesan cheese and a 2 cm cube of smoked Cheddar. Both finely grated and stirred in, retaining a little to garnish the top did the trick. Served in a soup cup in the garden with sourdough (if you are allowed it!)

Lovely! If you haven't used curly kale in a while or ever, give it a go. I also like to stir fry mine with Chorizo and sunflower seeds which, now I think about it, would also make a great topping for this soup.


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